Features every homeowner wants in Vaughan

Upgrading a home is a dream project for anyone. Home upgrades can offer several benefits, like efficiency, ease of maintenance, and comfort. Upgrading a home can also give the added lift of an aesthetic makeover.

You can incorporate numerous features in a home remodel or renovation to make it modern, chic, and comfortable.

Key Features Every New Homeowner Looks For In Vaughan, Lancaster Custom Cabinets & Closets

Updated and upgraded kitchen

An upgraded kitchen can change the face of your entire home and make it feel more roomy, functional, and gorgeous. Some great features you can include in a kitchen include:

Walk-in pantry 

A kitchen can easily get cramped if there isn’t enough room to keep the necessities like food containers, condiments, and canned goods. Many people also love to buy goods in bulk, creating a need for more space to store them. Walk-in pantries give people a lot of storage space to store non-perishable items and similar kitchen essentials close to the food preparation area. It can also include open cabinets, shelves, and even countertops.

Wine cabinet

A wine cabinet can be built into the wall or as a separate unit. A dinette niche is a great place to incorporate a wine cabinet. A wine refrigerator can be incorporated into lower cabinetry or the kitchen island.

Custom cabinets

Kitchen cabinets in Vaughan can be custom-made with multiple features. Pull-out kitchen cabinets are great for storing food items that you frequently use in the kitchen, like spices, or for keeping recycling bins. Built-in kitchen cabinets in Vaughan offer excellent storage space for utensils, pots, and pet bowls. Mixer lifts are helpful for storing small appliances, therefore creating counter space. You can also include specific stations for baking, making coffee, or snacking.

The laundry room and mudroom features 

Built-in storage can be provided for each family member, which leaves additional space. Custom cabinets in Vaughan can be incorporated to fit the washer and dryer. It can also hide other items like a drying rack, ironing board, or pet supplies. Open shelves and cubbies can be used to store detergents and other miscellaneous household items. A sink feature in the mudroom will help you wash delicate clothing items, muddy shoes, and boots. It is essential to consider other additions, such as flooring and lighting. Task lighting and overhead lighting are suitable for mudrooms. Go for durable and functional flooring to protect it from spills, dirt, and messes. A laundry room or mudroom is also perfect for storing seasonal items such as decor and attire. Seasonal attire, hats, gloves, bulky jackets, or snow pants can be stored in built-in custom cabinets. Consider incorporating a seating area or bench that everyone can use while taking off or putting on their shoes.

Storage solutions

Built-in storage spaces like laundry cabinets are great for storing household products and other similar things. Cubbies are great for storing items that are frequently used. A spacious walk-in closet offers much more than just a room to store clothes. It provides a quiet, comfortable area for getting ready and simplifies organizing your clothes. Separate walk-in closets can also be made for each spouse, maximizing storage efficiency. A linen closet is an excellent feature for mudrooms, laundry rooms, and bathrooms. You can use it to store toiletries, bedsheets, linens, kitchen towels, and much more.

Renovating a home can open the door to a lot of creative ideas. Organized interiors have become one of the most sought-after features in real estate nowadays. With custom cabinets in Vaughan, this has become quite simple. Contact Lancaster Customs today for more information. 

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