Top Ideas for a Sophisticated Walk-in Closet in Vaughan

Are you looking to sell your home or thinking of creative ideas to improve your home decor? A sophisticated walk-in closet may be the additional feature you are looking for! A walk-in closet is designed for homeowners to make use of the available space in their homes which will, in turn, provide both function and aesthetics. This article will guide you through the top ideas for a sophisticated, custom closet design in Vaughan.

Top Ideas For A Sophisticated Walk In Closet In Vaughan, Lancaster Custom Cabinets & Closets

Built-in vanity 

A closet design with a built-in vanity is excellent for homes with a classy look. A variety of options are available for custom cabinets in Vaughan. The built-in vanity cabinet can be mounted on the wall providing ample floor space. You could add a touch of luxury by incorporating a three-way mirror in your walk-in closet. 

Are built-in vanities necessary? Most definitely! And here’s why:  

Organized storage space

A built-in vanity adds a lot of space to the home’s interior design. It acts as a common space for keeping your grooming products, jewelry, make-up brushes, cosmetics, and hair styling tools. 

Personalized dimensions

Built-in custom cabinets can be made exactly as per your requirements. Thus, you can make optimum use of the space you have. 

Optimal use of odd-shaped spaces

A customized built-in vanity gives you the flexibility to use odd-shaped spaces effectively.  

Custom lighting

You do not have to compromise on the lighting with a customized built-in vanity. 


You will save a lot of time and money with a built-in vanity. You will not have to run around looking for pre-built options that will fit your needs. 

Unique features and custom storage solutions

Everyone wishes to have unique features in their homes. At Lancaster Customs, we have extensive experience creating custom cabinets in Vaughan. And we suggest the following unique features you could explore for your walk-in closet design: 

With custom walk-ins, you can have a perfect boutique dressing room, including tilted shelves for your footwear. 

Colours change with the light. You can decide on your look easily when you have customized lighting that can switch between daylight and evening light. 

Custom walk-ins can have a place for everything. You can flaunt your jewelry and watches with glass cabinets; install dedicated shelf lights, full-length mirrors, and structured closets. 

You literally do not have to share your dirty linen in public. With a hidden laundry cabinet, you can avoid the possibility of anyone walking into your closet and finding your dirty laundry outside.

Aesthetics are important, but functionality is key. Consider your daily usage of the walk-in area when you finalize your closet design. Have your shelves at an accessible height, keep your drawers handy, and make sure the seating arrangement is comfortable. At Lancaster Customs, we excel in installing custom cabinets in Vaughan and can help you navigate this easily.  

Design tips

Follow these design tips to get the best custom cabinets in Vaughan:

Clutter is not attractive. A walk-in closet is a personal space to not only store items but a place where you can spend time appreciating yourself. Crowding may take away the luxurious aesthetic. 

Custom cabinets are made exactly as per the individuals’ requirements. Shelves that need to hold high-top shoes, large-rimmed hats, stiletto heels, and handbags differ from those that should accommodate a wide range of sneakers. Luxurious closets may include glass cases to show off the owner’s envious collection of watches, jewelry, or brooches. 

Customized cabinetry looks regal. Stock cabinets leave very little room for experimentation. With custom walk-ins, you can use quality materials and design the space just like you want. 

Take care of ventilation. This will ensure the space is not claustrophobic. 

Make sure that the space is not being used at the cost of any other crucial household space.

Custom closet designs are gaining popularity in Vaughan since they are considered a luxurious style statement rather than a mere utility. Here at Lancaster Customs, we use 3D rendering software to show you your designs on the screen. You can review and make adjustments before cutting a single panel of wood. Lancaster Customs offers an extensive selection of finishes, including water-based coatings. We use only 3/5″ FSC-certified wood and superior-quality hardware for our projects. We work hand-in-hand with you to ensure the project is completed to your satisfaction within your budget. Contact us today for more information! 

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