Top 3 Features Every Mudroom Needs in Oakville

Top 3 Features Every Mudroom Needs in Oakville

26 March, 2023

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Having a mudroom has many benefits. Mudrooms are usually located at the side or back entrances of homes. This allows residents or guests to remove their soiled shoes, coats, bags, purses, and so on before entering the house. 

Traditionally, mudrooms would contain a sink, comfortable seating, storage cabinets, shelves, easy-to-clean platforms, and good lighting. Some homeowners choose to add a laundry washer and dryer set-up for better management of dirty clothes.

If you are looking to get a mudroom made in your new home, or renovate your house to create space for mudroom cabinets, here are the three main features you should focus on:    

Top Features Every Mudroom Needs In Oakville, Lancaster Custom Cabinets & Closets

Practical storage

Ample storage space is one of the key features every mudroom should have. As it is a functional area, you can build custom cabinets in Oakville to designate a place for shoes, outerwear jackets, sports essentials, backpacks, and purses. Provide cubbies and open shelves for easy storage of items. 

Make sure your mudroom has a built-in sink that can be used for a quick wash. The layout of the sink could be close to the entrance of the house to optimize traffic movement. Depending on the space you have, mudrooms can have built-in storage solutions for seasonal items. 

Set up a counter space to store keys, mail, and other trinkets. Remember to allocate a specific place for all family members. This helps avoid overcrowding in one area and reduces clutter. Designate a space for your furry friends if you have pets. 

Comfy seating

The very first feature cabinetry manufacturers like Lancaster Customs suggest while building mudroom cabinets in Oakville is comfortable seats. Nobody wants to be hobbling and trying to balance themselves on one foot while removing their boots! Have built-in plush seats on one side of your mudroom. You could make drawers and shelves under the seats and use them to store seasonal shoes, extra shoelaces, etc.  

A drop station

A drop station is another great feature to have in your mudrooms. Add a grounded wash basin that can be used to remove grime and mud from your shoes and give your children or pets a quick wash. Installing a message board, a charging station, and baskets for dropping miscellaneous items will help your house stay clutter-free. Keep laundry hampers accessible so your children can drop their dirty outerwear before entering the home.  

You could also have a standing desk that can help you quickly jot down notes, sign off packages from courier companies, store mail, or write cards. This nook can be a handy space for you to put those finishing touches on a gift while you are leaving for a party! 

Now that you know the basic requirements of a mudroom, get in touch with a professional firm like Lancaster Customs, which can help you with built-in storage solutions in Oakville. Contact Lancaster Customs today to get all your renovation queries sorted. They are best known for manufacturing custom cabinets in Oakville and will help you build an amazing mudroom that will enhance the sophistication of your property. 

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